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  • Le drapeau et la Marseillaise en classe
  • Verb Deconjugator
  • Revenons à nos moutons
  • Demonstrative Pronouns Quiz
  • une zizanie - Mot du jour
  • Holidays and Events

Le drapeau et la Marseillaise en classe

Flags in French class
Patriotism has come to French classrooms: from maternelle to lycée, all classrooms are now required to display a French flag and La Marseillaise lyrics.

Verb Deconjugator

French verb deconjugator
Find which verb a conjugation belongs to with the French verb deconjugator: type any conjugation to find out its infinitive.

Revenons à nos moutons

Revenons à nos moutons
Don't change the subject, it's time to learn about the French expression revenons à nos moutons.

Demonstrative Pronouns Quiz - Directrice sévère

French demonstrative pronouns
Test yourself on French demonstrative pronouns (celui, celle, ceux, celles) with this fill-in-the-blanks exercise:

Une directrice sévère

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Mot du jour

Today's mot du jour is une zizanie. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

Holidays and events

Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world.
Plus some celebratory expressions:

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