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  • Alors on danse (music video)
  • Comparative Adverbs
  • Vieux métiers
  • Améliorer son français
  • Avoir du mal à
  • Future and Telling Time Quiz
  • IO - Pronunciation
  • lasser - Mot du jour
  • Holidays and Events

Alors on danse, de Stromae

Alors on danse
Fun with French! This catchy music video will have you dancing and singing along, even to the slang thanks to interactive subtitles.

Comparative Adverbs

French comparative adverbs
Comparative adverbs are used to compare the relative superiority or inferiority of two or more things. This superior lesson will keep you from getting an inferiority complex. ;-)

Vieux métiers

Les vieux métiers en action : une « découverte de la vie des métiers à l'époque de Mireille et Vincent ».

Améliorer son français

Améliorer son français
Listening comprehension exercise with tips on improving reading comprehension.

Avoir du mal à

To have trouble
Here's a lesson in case you're having trouble with the expression avoir du mal à.

La manif - Future Tense & Telling Time Quiz

Test yourself on the French future and telling time in this fill-in-the-blanks quiz:

La manif

Note: You must be logged into your Progress with Lawless French account to take this test. If you don't have one, sign up - it's free!


French pronunciation
The French letter combination io is pronounced as a single syllable.

Mot du jour

Today's mot du jour is lasser. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

Holidays and events

Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world.
Plus some celebratory expressions:

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