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  • -et and -ette - Suffixes
  • La bouffe (humorous video)
  • Sûr et certain
  • On the phone
  • DELF A1 Tips
  • Learning and Teaching Online
  • impuissant - Mot du jour
  • Holidays and Events

Suffixes: -et / -ette

The French suffixes -et (masculine) and -ette (feminine) can be added to nouns (including proper nouns), verbs, and adjectives.

La bouffe

La Bouffe
Listen and laugh as you work on your French listening comprehension with this fast-paced video.

Sûr et certain

I'm absolutely positive you should read this lesson on the French expression sûr et certain.

On the Phone

French phone formulas
Talking on the phone can be trickier than face-to-face conversations, for a couple of reasons. The lack of gestures and facial expressions means there are no visual hints to help you understand, plus there's something about the phone that makes certain sounds more difficult to distinguish. Knowing some standard phone formulas will help your brain fill in any comprehension gaps.

DELF A1 Tips

DELF A1 - French proficiency test
The DELF A1 will test you on the four language skills in French: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Here's some info about what to expect as well as tips on how to prepare for the test.

Learning and Teaching Online

Teaching French online
French teachers can benefit from specialized tools to help them assign and grade homework, track students' progress, assess classes, and more. Here are my favorite online learning sites that offer dedicated tools and spaces for teachers.

Mot du jour

Today's mot du jour is impuissant. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

Holidays and events

Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world.
Plus some celebratory expressions:

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