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  • Et patati et patata
  • B1 Writing Challenge
  • TI Pronounciation
  • Bayonne et street art
  • Irregular -er Verbs
  • une lacune - Mot du jour
  • Holidays and Events

Et patati et patata

Et patati et patata
This is a useful, interesting, fun, blah blah lesson on the French interjection et patati et patata.

Going to Montpellier - Writing Challenge

Practice your French translation and writing skills with this B1-level writing challenge:

Going to Montpellier

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The letter combination ti is one of the most variable in French. Since each letter has two possible sounds, the combination has four potential pronunciations, depending on the letters that precede and follow.

Bayonne et street art

Bayonne street art
Visit the southwestern French city of Bayonne during a street art festival. B2-level video with interactive subtitles and a grammar kwiz.

Irregular -er Verbs

Irregular French verb conjugations
Technically, there is only one irregular -er verb, aller. But there are three patterns in the conjugation of so-called regular -er verbs that set them apart from the rest.

Mot du jour

Today's mot du jour is une lacune. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

Holidays and events

Features related to holidays and events in the French-speaking world.

Plus some celebratory expressions:

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