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  • Subjunctive-Inducing Conjunctions
  • Ollioules et sa Fête de l'Olivier
  • À propos de
  • Writing Challenges
  • PH Pronunciation
  • rêvasser - Mot du jour
  • Holidays and Events

Subjunctive with Conjunctions

French subjunctive
Many French conjunctions and conjunctive phrases require the subjunctive, notably those which link cause and effect.

Ollioules et sa Fête de l'Olivier

Fête de l'Olivier
Pour certains, le mois d'octobre signifie Halloween, mais dans le Sud de la France, il y a une célébration qui est, à mon avis, beaucoup plus intéressante : la Fête de l'Olivier, à Ollioules.

À propos de

À propos de
I think you'll find this lesson useful with regard to the French expression à propos de.

Writing Exercises

French writing exercises
Looking for a fun way to practice writing in French? You'll love the self-scoring translation exercises for all levels on my co-branded site, Progress with Lawless French.


French pronunciation
In both French and English, the letter combination PH is just another way to spell the sound of the letter F.

Mot du jour



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Holidays and events

Features related to upcoming holidays and events in the French-speaking world.

Plus some celebratory expressions:

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