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  • Nominal Adjectives
  • Advent Calendar
  • Wacky Reasons to Learn French
  • Relative Pronouns Quiz
  • Être - to be
  • Vendredi fou
  • Last Chance Deals
  • affliger - Mot du jour
  • Holidays and Events

Nominal Adjectives (adjectives used as nouns)

French adjectives used as nouns
In both French and English, many adjectives can be used as nouns as a sort of shorthand to reference what you'd otherwise need an adjective + noun to refer to.

Advent Calendar

French Advent calendar
A tiny French challenge every day until Christmas - translate each seasonal term to reveal an image.

10 Wacky Reasons to Learn French

Wacky reasons to learn French
A light-hearted look at the benefits of learning French.

Expressing Thanks - Relative Pronouns Quiz

Saying thank you in French
Test yourself on French relative pronouns with this thankful fill-in-the-blanks quiz:
   Exprimer sa gratitude
Note: You must be logged into your Progress with Lawless French account to take this test. If you don't have one, sign up - it's free!

Être - to be

Être - to be
Être is one of the two most important French verbs. It literally means "to be," but also serves as an auxiliary verb and is the key to the passive voice.

Vendredi fou

Vendredi fou
Don't go crazy with the non-standard French expression Vendredi fou.

Last Chance Deals (ending 4 December)

Progress with Lawless French

Progress with Lawless French
Adaptive, test-driven French learning system that will help you learn more efficiently with personalized kwizzes, writing challenges, and dictées.

Yabla French Videos

Yabla French videos
Subscription site with a massive collection of original videos featuring native speakers to help you learn and practice French at any level.

Mot du jour

Today's mot du jour is affliger. Support Lawless French to read the lesson.

Holidays and events

Features related to holidays and events in the French-speaking world:
Plus some celebratory expressions:

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